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12.12.12 The Beginning of Something AMAZING

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Today is the beginning of something WONDERFUL and I am excited!

The Ancient Mayan’s spoke of 12-12-12 being the end of the world as we know it, and the beginning of a new way of living + being.  The numbers 1 & 2 also mean so many amazing things; new beginnings, progress, achievement, motivation, relationships, duality, selflessness, faith, trust, optimism and purpose.

I am choosing to see 12-12-12 as the beginning of a time filled with beautiful possibilities + adventure,  amazing change + transformation and increased energy + power to make our mark on the world.  It is time to change the way we think + feel + act, start believing in ourselves and looking towards new opportunities with optimism + excitement.

I have been doing a bit of dreaming + scheming and have put together some great resources that I’m diggin’ to help you get started and make 2013 truly exceptional! So celebrate how far you have come, get clear on what you want + ask yourself the tough questions, start approaching life with positivity + gratitude + excitement and have trust + faith that you will receive what you want. 

Don’t forget to do all of  this with an open mind, lean into it and ready to be WOWED with the possibilities + miracles that appear!


Clarity Q + A with Yourself:

  1. How do I want to feel?
  2. What will make these feelings happen?
  3. What habits uplift + inspire + energise me?
  4. What habits drain my energy?
  5. How do I want to spend my time each day?
  6. Who do I want to spend it with?
  7. What am I excited about?
  8. What is the best thing that could happen?
  9. What one thing will I do today to move me closer to my dreams + goals
  10. What will I need to change to make this happen?



1. Celebrate How Far You Have ComeA Life of Perfect Days

2. Celebrating 2012Happy Healthy Abundant

3. Celebrate the Person You Have BecomeIn Spaces Between

4. Steps to Creating a Powerful & Inspiring Vision for your lifeA Life of Perfect Days

5. 5 Ways to Get in the FlowWhat You Have Always Known

6. Prep for a Wonderful 2013 The Simply Luxurious Life

7. Making 2013 The Best Year Ever Susannah Conway (Download the Free E-Book it’s a fantastic resource)

8. 60 Tips for A Stunningly Great LifeRobin Sharma


1. Credo For Making It Happen – Danielle LaPorte

2. How to Discover Your Purpose – Brian Johnson

3. How to Discover Your Mission – Brian Johnson

4. Change is Easy When You Want It – Gabrielle Bernstein

5. It’s Not Magic, It’s Manifesting – Gabrielle Bernstein

6. Boost Your Happiness with Gratitude – Brian Johnson

7. Q + A with Marie Forleo – Kris Carr + Marie Forleo

8. Using Manifesting to Get What You Want – Gabrielle Bernstein

9. Need A Holiday or A Career Change – Marie Forleo

10. Discover Your Purpose in Life – Debbie Spellman


Desire Map

May Cause Miracles

The Passion Test


The First 30 Days

Desire Map

Gabrielle Bernstein

A Life of Perfect Days

Lynda Field

xx K

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